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Arena Tournament #2

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Greetings Time Travelers! As some of you may remember, we hosted an arena tournament a few months ago, and we feel it is high time we did another one, to close off the level 59 bracket. We will host a second edition of the ChromieCraft PvP Arena Tournament, on the...
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Gnome race event!

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Greetings, time travellers This Saturday 13th at 20:00 /8 PM server time we'll be hosting a special event for those interested: A race! But hold on, it's a bit more than that. Only gnomes may participate, freshly made level 1, and without any outside help; be it items from alts,...
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Server event: Chromie needs your help #3

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Please help restore the order of time! This time Chromie has trapped Crocolisk Dundee. Try and prove yourself in this server event against the famous alligator tamer! Our patron Chromie is on a mission. She has discovered an invasion of the timeline and needs your help to fight the invaders...
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Sunday Chromie Promotion | +25% ChromiePoints!

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Welcome to the first ChromieCraft ChromiePoints promotion! This Sunday from 0:01 UTC to 23:59 UTC there will be a promotion on all ChromiePoints packages in the ChromieCraft Store! We want to give you the opportunity to get the two new mounts that will be added to the store as well,...

June 2021 PvPstats Winners!

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Congratulations to our June 2021 PvPstats winners! We have distributed 50 Chromie Points (CP) per victory in BG to all players. On top of that, per every active bracket, the top 5 players will receive a bonus of extra CP as well as the flawless victor title for the top-ranked player in each...
ChromieCraft Top Contributors June 2021 - header

Top Contributors of June 2021

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These are the statistics about the open-source development activity of our project, featuring the top contributors of June 2021. Featured image by eBGL_Menios#3709. All code has been released to the public as part of the AzerothCore project, in line with our philosophy. All the volunteers will be compensated with Chromie...
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Hamsterwheel’s King of the damage contest pt. 6+7

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Hello again! King of the damage contest It’s time again to show what you’ve got and beat the hell out of our favorite victim: the Training Dummy! Hamsterwheel is looking forward to your company on July 8th and 22nd, 19.00 server time for another damage contest! Like in the past,...
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