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Get a torrent application

If you do not have a BitTorrent client yet, you can download one of these: TransmissionqBittorrentPicoTorrent or Deluge. All of them are open-source.

ChromieCraft WoW 3.3.5a client download

This is a clean WoW 3.3.5a client with the ChromieCraft realmlist already set.
If the download does not start when you click, use right-click -> “Save link as” or use the Magnet

Help our community and keep seeding it! Special thanks to Nolt and all the people who are seeding the torrent.

WoW 3.3.5a for macOS and Linux

For GNU/Linux and macOS users: first, download the Windows client from the link above, then:

  • If you use a GNU/Linux distribution, you can read this tutorial.
  • If you use a version of macOS OLDER than Catalina, download the file, unzip it and add it to your WoW folder.
  • If you use a version of macOS like Catalina OR NEWER on an Intel processor read this tutorial.
  • If you use a modern version of macOS on an Apple Silicon processor, you need to install Windows in a virtual machine using software like Parallels Desktop (unfortunately it is paid software – if you know working free alternatives, please let us know). Tip: disable “Hardware Cursor” from your video options.

HD Patch for WoW 3.3.5a

These are additional patches to improve the graphics of WoW 3.3.5a and get a more modern look.

DISCLAIMER: these patches are not official and, while they have proven to work fine in most cases, they sometimes might lead to minor glitches or WoW Errors.
Feel free to try them out and, if you experience any problems, you can always easily remove them.

After downloading the patch, check the readme.txt and follow the instructions to install them.

Addons for 3.3.5a

Chromiecraft works alongside Felbite to ensure all your addon needs are met. These include Chromiecraft-specific addons, such as the Deadly Boss Mods designed to work with our tuned raid bosses!

Felbite Chromiecraft Addons

There is also a collection of Addons for 3.3.5a provided by the wider community:

WoWGaming Github Addon Archive

To install addons, download and extract the archive. Move the addon folder inside Interface/Addons of your WoW client.
Then open WoW and enable the addons via the bottom-left corner button of your characters screen.

Want to suggest more addons? For Felbite you can request to upload an addon here, for the WoWGaming archive on GitHub click here.

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