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Server rates

  • All rates are 1x according to the original game version 3.3.5a (WOTLK), except for weekends which run with double quest XP up till level 58 (you can return to x1 rates with the command .weekendxp rate 1).
  • New accounts can also take advantage of our Recruit-a-Friend module to have permanent rested XP (blue XP bar giving double XP for kills) until level 58 or for 30 days on their account (whichever is reached first).  Weekend quest XP rate increases and RAF do scale with each other.
  • Battlegrounds XP is boosted to make leveling viable in Battlegrounds.

Custom Commands

  • .carboncopy                            CarbonCopy can copy your characters. Before levelling past a bracket, you can use it to enjoy the range again later. See here for details.
  • .raf                                           Serves to retrieve info about Recruit-a-Friend and also to summon your recruit.
  • .xp on/off                                Turns your XP gains on or off anytime at no cost.
  • .beta activate                          Allows progression past the “stable” level cap
  • .lla queue                                 To queue for Low-Level-Arena skirmish arenas
  • .rbg queue                                To queue for Random Battleground (available at level 60)
  • .transmog off                           Disables transmogs for yourself (you will only see people in their worn equipment)
  • .weekendxp rate 1                   Disables double quest exp on weekends, returning you to base xp rates
  • .fun on /off                                Join the Battle for Halaa in Outlands at 2:00 and 20:00 server time.
  • .settings announcer bg off     Disables server battleground start messages from your chat

Custom Changes

We offer a blizzard-like flavoured gaming experience with a minimal amount of customisations that are only aimed to improve the quality of life of the players or aid with progression-related issues.

  • Free talent reset. Dual specialisation currently costs 900g, and will go up to 1000g when in Outlands.
  • Cross-Faction: Everything apart from Faction-related NPCs, e.g. in main cities is cross-faction.
  • 2-min PvP Trinket: You can acquire a 2-min cooldown PvP trinket completing “Hellfire Fortifications” quest in Outland. They will be downgraded to their 5-min version once the Medallions are available.
  • Tuned Raids: No more tuning exists on Vanilla raids, whilst TBC raids you will have the option either for ‘normal’ (lightly tuned raids) or ‘hardmode’ (heavily tuned raids and offering a challenge to even the bravest of adventurers!)
  • Vanilla Raid Sizes (TBC & Wrath raids to run with their original raid sizes):
    • Molten Core:                               25 players
    • Onyxia’s Lair:                              25 players
    • Blackwing Lair:                           25 players
    • Zul’Gurub:                                    20 players
    • Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20):         20 players
    • Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40):      25 players
  • Onyxia (60): We down-scaled Onyxia (80) as a level 60 encounter, with the same loot as in Vanilla. You can gain the original achievements as well vanilla gear from the raid, will no longer be available when we start Wrath content.
  • All vanilla world bosses: Increased HP, Increased damage done to the player, reduced healing effects. World bosses spawn every 30 minutes. As per world bosses a player has a 3 day loot-lockout. Players will be phased with their raid when engaging a world boss.
  • Glyphs: All currently non-obtainable glyphs can be bought at Roboto in Tanaris for gold or Nyeriah next to Battlemasters in Orgrimmar / Stormwind for Honor. These glyphs will be removed when they become player craftable in WOTLK.
  • Battleground Changes:
    • QoL vendor near the battleground vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar:
      • Soul shards for Honor Points.
    • Trade Honor for Gold: You can trade your honor points for gold by the NPC spawned on the docks in Booty Bay.
    • Marks of Honor: By competing in any battleground you will receive mark(s) of honor to hand in near the battleground vendors in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. You will receive reputation for the battleground faction as well as some honor points.
    • Call to Arms: Due to our current progression, we have Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Eye of the Storm rotating as Call to Arms. Your Calendar will still show the inactive Call to Arms. Strand of the Ancients will be Arathi Basin, Isle of Conquest will be Alterac Valley
    • There is a 20% decreased damage taken and 10% decreased healing done in all battlegrounds.
    • The minimum amount of players to start a battleground is reduced. Warsong Gulch can start with 6 players, Arathi Basin with 8 players, Eye of the Storm with 12 players and Alterac Valley with 30 players.
  • TBC Progression Changes
    • Khorium Spawns inside dungeons are disabled.
    • Windy clouds (gas clouds) in Nagrand that are inaccessible until flying are disabled.
    • Paladin Seals that were locked at level 66 will be available at level 64.
    • Druids’ Normal flight form will be locked until level 70.
    • Ogri’la quests are not yet accesible.
    • Sha’tari Skyguard repution gain from killing mobs and quests are disabled.
    • Engineering Goggles recipes from trainers are removed.
    • Removed the following NPCs from Shattrath City:
      Exarch Naasun, Anwehu (Badge Vendor), Ontuvo (Jewelcrafting Vendor), Whirligig Wafflefry, Commander Steele, General Tiras’alan, Lord Torvos, Emissary Mordin.
    • Removed the Isle of Quel’Danas Portal and the Sunwell Plateau map below A’dal.
    • Removed Shattered Sun Offensive quests and dailies.
    • Honor, Arena and Heroic Gems will be BoP and Unique-Equipped.
    • Primal Vortex and Nether Vortex will be BoP.
    • World Boss loot will be BoP.
    • Nightmare Vine now drops Nightmare Seeds.
    • Skettis Shadow Dust won’t drop anymore.

Development and bug finding/fixing:

.npcinfo    This command prints the unique GUID and the Entry (type) of your current target. If you come across a bugged NPC, tell the developer about these numbers in your GitHub issue.


.gobject near       It prints data about all game objects 10m around your current position. This is useful for example if you see multiple nodes within a few meters of each other. Or if nodes spawn inside of each other simultaneously.

.gobject near 20      The number will change the scan distance.

.debug hostile       It prints information about creatures that the player is currently in combat with. This is useful in bug reports. The important values are creature entry and creature guid (displayed by low)

.worldboss locks   Shows the character lockout per world boss


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