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Welcome to ChromieCraft: the open-source server

ChromieCraft is a Q.o.L-enhanced full-progressive experience
Powered by AzerothCore and based on Wrath of the Lich King

You can read more about the project here


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June 2022 Development Diary

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Greetings, Time-Travelers!   I'm Nyeriah, one of the developers working on Chromiecraft and I am here once again bringing you the latest news from the development front. Zul'Gurub   The past month was especially rough for most of us with all of the real-life responsibilities we had to deal with...
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Costumes / Player morphs now available on Chromiecraft

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Dear Time Travelers, We have a new service available for all players now live in our shop - player costumes are now available for purchase! Once purchased these are permanently in your inventory, even better they are bind on account so you can share this with your alts when wanted....

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How to Connect

set realmlist

ChromieCraft - Kel'Thuzad

Create an account

First of all, you have to create an account.

Download the game

Download the game in the correct version, which is 3.3.5a (12340):

ChromieCraft - Install client

Already have a client: change realmlist

If you already have a 3.3.5a client, then open the “World of Warcraft” folder and change the realmlist deleting all the text inside WoW/Data/enUS/ replacing with:


ChromieCraft Note


Launch the game using Wow.exe. Login using your account name and password (do NOT login with email).

This server is proudly based on AzerothCore

The open-source is not only our philosophy: it is our strength.”
ChromieCraft && AzerothCore

How to contribute: AzerothCore Logo
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