Serpentshrine Cavern, Ogri’la & TBC Heroics

Dear Time Travelers,

It is finally time to announce our first T5 raid, SSC.

We are pleased to announce this will release on the 13th December at 17:00 UTC (server time).

This gives the team time to focus on existing issues whilst giving raiders more than ample time to prepare for the latest raid release. We also know the importance of being decently geared before jumping into raids.

Therefore, we can confirm that tuning on heroic dungeons will be removed as of the 29th November.

Why the 29th November, I hear you all ask? Because that ties in nicely to when we release the Ogri’la faction as well before the release of SSC!

A big thank you as always for playing here on Chromiecraft and helping us on our dream of perfecting Azerothcore. Whilst we are quickly approaching our third year online, our journey is still only about half way done.

To show our commitment to our cause, we can confirm we have renewed our current hosting agreement for a further 2 years!

Have a fantastic rest of the day!

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