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Chats and general

1.1) NO DRAMA. GMs and Staff members are not babysitters. If you have a problem with any other user, keep it out of discord channels. Block them or take it to DMs. You’d be surprised how many issues can be solved by just asking “why?” in a polite way.

1.2) The world chat is our holy grail and we moderate it to be family-friendly at all times. There is only english allowed in world. Feel free to create new channels for other languages. Existing examples are es and china. No guild recruitment in world. Trade and General are ok for this.
1.3) Treat everyone with respect. Respect anything that might be different about other users, including but not limited to their race, faith, sex and sexuality.
1.4) No harassment, witch-hunting, sexism, racism, xenophobia, or hate speech will be tolerated. Be excellent to one another and party on. All kinds of derogatory or explicit language are forbidden.
1.5) No politics. No religious content. No NSFW, suicide or otherwise inappropriate/obscene content. Keep real-life issues in the real life. No baits for any of the former. Offending posts may be removed.
1.6) No spam or promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from staff. No scam. This includes private messages to other Discord users met on ChromieCraft. Posting a link to your stream with ChromieCraft gameplay in a non-spammy manner is allowed.


4.1) Anyone not respecting the above is at risk of a permanent account ban and complete deletion of their characters.
4.2) We reserve rights to take action against any and all accounts which we associate with a player who violated our rules. There will be no arguments regarding roommates, family members, cats sleeping on the keyboard or stolen accounts in a public wi-fi. All players are responsible for the security of their accounts themselves. Just like you are legally responsible for any crimes perpetrated from your own home network.
4.3) Staff members reserve the right to take action for any malicious behavior, even if not explicitly covered in these rules. These rules may also be updated without notice at any time.

If you need to ask if a thing is allowed, it is 99.9% NOT.

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