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Hamsterwheel’s King of the damage contest pt. 11

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Hello again! King of the Damage contest pt. 11 It’s time again to show what you’ve got and beat the hell out of our favorite victim: the Training Dummy! Hamsterwheel is looking forward to your company on Thursday, December 16th, 19.30 UTC / server time for the damage contest pt....
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60 Release

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Content for the 60 release Dear Time Travelers, We're looking forward to another content release and we're excited to inform you about the upcoming changes: Soon™ all characters on ChromieCraft will be able to use `.beta activate` again, so they can gain one more level and reach Level 60. Like...

August 2021 PvPstats Winners!

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Congratulations to our August 2021 PvPstats winners! We have distributed 50 Chromie Points (CP) per victory in BG to all players. On top of that, per every active bracket, the top 5 players will receive a bonus of extra CP as well as the flawless victor title for the top-ranked player in each...
ChromieCraft artkwork by OMGhixD

Top Contributors of August 2021

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These are the statistics for the open-source development activity of our project, featuring the Top Contributors of August 2021. Featured image by OMGhixD#2839 All code has been released to the public (under the AGPL license) as part of the AzerothCore project, in line with our philosophy. All the volunteers will...
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50-59 Tier 0 A Release Date

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Dear Time Travelers, Firstly, a huge warm welcome to all of our new players here on Chromiecraft. We have been hitting new population peaks on an almost daily basis. As of this announcement we have hit a new connection peak record of 803 players! It feels like such a long time...
ChromieCraft early players collage

A gift to our early players

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Dear time travellers, As of recently, ChromieCraft has a healthy population. You can easily find other players in all zones during any moment of the day. Queues for RDF and BGs are quite fast at all levels, you can always find someone to hang out in the world chat and...
ChromieCraft loves AzerothCore

ChromieCraft sponsoring the AzerothCore open-source development

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Dear time travellers, we are ready for the next step! In order to advance the project and ensure that people with the necessary talents to deliver high-quality software are available to us, we have decided to pay some freelance developers directly for their work. By offering payments to people who...
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