PvPstats: improvements & Guild Score

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Dear Time Travellers,

We have worked hard to bring some improvements to our PvPstats, the tool showing statistics about Battlegrounds.

What’s changed:

  • plenty of old code has been cleaned up
  • fixed issue with some pages such as the Top100 taking too long to load
  • new Guild Score feature

Guild names are now clickable links that will show the PvP statistics of every single guild.

The sum of the victories of all guild members determines the guild score in the Top100.

For example, here are the statistics of our current top3 guilds (click on the image to open the full score):

PvPstats Chromie Homies


PvPstats Synergy


Visit the Top100 page and click on a guild name to check its internal score.

Wondering where the PvPstats comes from and why other servers have been using it as well? Read this.

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