Contributing to Chromiecraft in 2024

Dear Time Travelers,

The New Year is upon us! We wish this year to be bigger and better than ever before for everyone (in a good way of course!). We have some changes to note in the way people can contribute to Chromiecraft going forward (specifically when it comes to testing of content / fixes and triaging bugs. Bug reporting will remain the same). Previously, items such as raid release testing, pre-release reporting etc, was mainly centred around guilds and their guild representatives and didn’t get good visibility to a wider audience (although it is still a productive mechanism with multiple guilds assisting our work on raid releases when requested).

We want this to be more open going forward so we have created a brand new role within our Discord server anybody can join to – Bug-Hunter. By going into the ‘Roles’ channel, you can react with the in order to be granted access to the Bug-Hunter channel.

This is the channel going forward where we will be posting updates requesting help with items such as doing raid runs to find bugs on future raid releases, testing of fixes, doing a call to arms on how to triage bugs etc. Changes have already been made to our PTR to ensure any fixes are entered in as soon as possible, with two daily updates and restarts at the following times:

  • At 0AM (midnight), with scheduled restart at approximately 1AM (UTC)
  • At 0PM (midday), with scheduled restart at approximately 1PM (UTC)

Outputs of this channel will feed into the #testing channel on Discord which we will utlise much more heavily going forward, allowing people to discuss the issues at hand, get assistance etc. This will also allow us to better view peoples contributions towards Chromiecraft and will act as a stepping stone into gaining more of the contributors perks:

Bug reporters are compensated monthly with Chromie Points according to the number of valid reports (i.e. issues having the [AC Linked] tag on GitHub).

All regular ChromieCraft contributors (i.e. people who help with bug triaging, testing, development, GMs, etc…) are compensated monthly with a number of Chromie Points according to their contributions. In addition, they can access the following exclusive (non-game-breaking) services for free:

  • Warlock pets custom names
  • Move characters to a different account
  • RAF pet rewards without needing to recruit
  • Guild rename (not exclusive anymore, yet still free)
  • Arena team renames

Senior contributors will also receive a permanent rested bonus to all their characters, similar to our RAF program available for all users. This bonus will not have an effect within a week of a new bracket launching.

Our devs will be making regular updates to this channel and pushing for testing on specific items / areas of the core. Of course, all assistance will be noted and a reward of Chromiepoints will be given as well.

We hope this move will lower the current barrier to work with the team and of course we are all happy to support your development where possible in terms of more technical roles.

Have a lovely day,
The Chromiecraft Team

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