The Burning Crusade – 14th December 17:00 UTC

Dear Time Travelers,


With the Dark Portal opening event underway, the final preparations are being completed before our journey through the Dark Portal and into the Outland!

Chromiecraft started out with just a handful of players originally. We averaged about 7 people online for the first week or two! Never in our wildest dreams would we imagine it growing into the robust and successful server it has become, home to thousands of players from all over the world! Our journey through Vanilla is almost at an end and it is time to tackle The Burning Crusade!


We can confirm on 14th December, 17:00 UTC the Dark Portal will be open!


The server will be brought offline for a period of time before the release to prepare everything. Updates will be provided on our Discord server so join us there if you have not done so already!


To celebrate this incredible milestone on the project, there is a 20% discount on all donations for Chromiepoints until the 14th December, 23:59 UTC!


Thank you to everyone who has made Chromiecraft their home. Thank you to those who believe in our vision of a free, non-profit, open-source highest quality WOTLK core for all! Bring on the Fel Reavers!



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