Top Contributors of July 2022

These are the statistics for the open-source development activity of our project, featuring the Top Contributors of July 2022

All code has been released to the public (under the AGPL license) as part of the AzerothCore project, in line with our philosophy.

All the volunteers will be compensated with Chromie Points for their contributions. Would you like to become a contributor? Read this.

Screenshot by Bäb


Git Pulse

Source: AzerothCore GitHub Pulse

In the last month:

Excluding merges, 28 authors have pushed 277 commits to master. 257 files have changed and there have been 12,971 additions and 5,670 deletions.

Testers & code reviewers

Unfortunately, there is no (automated) way to count the work of people who help with testing PRs and code reviews, but we want to express our gratitude to all testers and PR reviewers. Your contribution is vital to our project, so thank you very much for what you do.

This month, we would like to thank Neifions for the help!

Top developers of July 2022

Screenshot by Zanna

Source: AzerothCore GitHub (click here to view the full list)

Top bug-triaging contributors of July 2022

Source: ChromieCraft bugtracker

temperrr – 26 🥇
Gultask – 13
Stump876 – 5
Maelthyrr – 4
jamadaha – 1

Screenshot by Sgt Rumpsteak

Top bug-reporting players of July 2022

Only valid bug reports count

Source: ChromieCraft bugtracker

kerricsson – 27 🥇
Tereneckla – 9
balleny – 2
radman2010 – 1
lovelord83 – 1
gavinlfab93 – 1
fendwe – 1
dennots – 1
Trellow – 1
Talthos – 1
PrimaIVoid – 1
Paradigmxd – 1
NoodlestheNoble – 1
Chobungus – 1

Screenshot by Bäb
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