Molten Core updates & release date

Dear Time Travellers,

Firstly we want to wish everyone here on Chromiecraft a fantastic festive season, a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.

As you all know, we recently announced that Molten Core will be released in early January. We can now confirm an exact date for its release:

Molten Core will be dropping on Wednesday, 5th January 2022 at 5pm | 17:00 UTC (server time)!

We have also been listening to your feedback regarding the state of the tuning of our raids. Whilst we had some who appreciated the efforts put in and made them feel fresh and challenging, many were unhappy with their powers being reduced to what they are used to. We understand that doing big ahem damage is an appeal still in 2022. Therefore we have altered the way in which we tune raids. We are removing player damage debuffs firstly. Secondly, we will see raid boss health increased as well as reducing player healing. This will also make clearing through trash faster (which took longer sometimes than some boss encounters), something noted by all who assisted us with our testing on the PTR.

We can also confirm that the classic quest chain Poisoned Water will be added back into the game. Players must acquire either Aqual Quintessences or Eternal Quintessences in order to douse each of the boss runes inside Molten Core in order to summon Majordomo. Yes the achievement is available as well.

We hope that these changes will be a welcome change in direction for our community. Enjoy your battle against Ragnaros!

Have a good day!

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