Information on upcoming Raids

Dear Time Travellers,

As always thank you for taking the time to play here on Chromiecraft. Our growth continues to surpass all expectations, with new online records reached and seeing over 1250 players online during primetime. We are also on our final bracket before we start to get into the upcoming raid brackets. Therefore we want to share some further information with you all as to how they will work.

Firstly, raid reset times. These will remain as they were on retail, with the weekly reset taking place on Wednesdays mornings, 8 am UTC (server time). We did consider shorter raid resets.  We do believe however in maintaining the same setup as on retail is more beneficial for all in the long run of the server.

Secondly and for the news most have been waiting for, are raids going to be buffed/tuned?

The answer to that is, yes, raids are going to be buffed/tuned!

We understand that with both 3.3.5a talents and skills, we would be looking at complete and utter deletion of bosses and next to no challenge for players. As the goal of the server is a faithful emulation of the WOTLK client, we aren’t introducing any new mechanics or skills to raids. We have however been tweaking the numbers instead to ensure that raids remain challenging and rewarding. We have done several tests of the tuning already. Should the content still prove too challenging (we aren’t going to let you guys off easily), we can easily adjust these further so please do give us your feedback when the raids are released. Before you ask, nope you aren’t going to be told what has changed, where is the fun in that!

We hope this is a good update on what a lot of players wanted to hear. Best of luck on your adventures here on Chromiecraft!

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