Crossfaction guilds live on Chromiecraft

Dear Time Travelers,

Since Chromiecraft started almost 18 months ago, one of the most heavily requested features was cross-faction guilds.  We recently put it to a vote on our discord channel and we had a clear winner:

With almost 74% voting yes to cross-faction guilds, we can now confirm this is now live on Chromiecraft!

So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? It means that both Alliance and Horde players can be in the same guild simultaneously. Players can already chat with the opposite faction, party in RDF, and go raiding together. You will now be able to share the same guild tabard, use the same guild bank as well as chat together in guild chat.

The same restrictions will apply in terms of quests (the Horde cannot do Alliance quests, and vice versa). Also if you decide to take a stroll into the opposite faction’s capital you will be greeted with guards doing their best to kill you as always.

May you enjoy your newfound friends on the other side, or just continue to murder them on sight. We hope you will enjoy this new feature and as always thanks for playing here on Chromiecraft.


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