Chromiecraft updates – Raid Sizes, PvP BG medals, CC Call to Arms!

Dear Time Travelers,

We are two raids into our progression plans currently (26 raids to go until Ruby Sanctum), with Molten Core & Onyxia now released. The team has been working hard to find the right balance here. This is in terms of both tunings of raids, as well as raid sizes. We announced that Molten Core has been increased to a 25 player raid (increased from 20) to bring it in line with Onyxia (being a 25 player raid).

Further raids are on the horizon. These include ‘full fat’ raids. as well as some which Blizzard designed as catch-up easier raids. We can now confirm the remaining Vanilla raid sizes up, which are as follows:

Blackwing Lair (BWL) – 25 player
Zul’Gurub (ZG) – 20 player
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) – 25 player
Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20) – 20 player

These changes will ensure teams can plan properly for all future content here on Chromiecraft. Both Outland and Northrend feature 25 & 10 player raids which we currently plan to keep the same as per the original raid sizes.


Addition of PvP medals for Battlegrounds

With the release of epic PvP gear from battleground vendors, a requirement was put in that a certain reputation needs to be hit until you could purchase gear from the various BG vendors. To assist those who want to pursue the gear, we have started to include medal rewards for completing battlegrounds. Winners are granted 3 medals each, the losing team will receive 1 medal each. Turn those medals into the Horde or Alliance Warmaster / Brigadier. They will grant you extra reputation with the battleground’s faction.

Do not forget that we have also enabled Random Battleground queues at level 60. Use the command .rbg queue.


Chromiecraft’s Call to Arms!

Chromiecraft was born out of a desire to improve the Azerothcore. We are always on the lookout for new members who can help us on our mission, the best WOTLK core possible, for free, for everyone. We have a number of roles available for all levels, from the tech illiterate to coding wizards out there. As we now have our PTR servers as well, it is no longer required to have a local Azerothcore setup on your computer to help with bug triaging either.

What is bug triaging?

Bug Triaging is the activity of checking bug reports coming from players, validating, and bringing them to AzerothCore, so our devs can fix them.

Am I able to help? Yes, you can!

ALL people with some basic knowledge of the game are able to help with Bug Triaging. No special skills are required. So if you got some spare time and are willing to help with the project, you can do it! At the moment I’m writing this, there are 55 reports waiting to be triaged. This increases our workload, and sometimes our devs have to do triaging themselves, while they could just focus on fixing bugs instead. So if you help us with triaging bugs, you will allow our devs to spend more time on the more complex tasks.

What are the benefits of contributing?

If you become a Contributor for ChromieCraft, we offer several benefits, which include:

– ChromiePoints for all the contributions you have done.

Senior contributors can get the following rewards (according to the number of their contributions):

– The possibility to earn RAF reward pets without needing to recruit people.
– Moving characters between accounts.
– Warlock pet custom names.
– Guild renames.
– Access to a permanent rested bonus for all their characters, similar to our RAF program.

Furthermore, you will have a chance to learn GM commands and understand our development process on GitHub. More information about these rewards are on this page: More information on how to triage can be found here: Feel free to direct message  if you are interested in joining! He can help you out with triaging your first few issues and answering any questions you may have.


As always thank you for taking the time to play here on Chromiecraft, we hope that peace will be upon everyone as soon as possible.

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