Chromie’s upcoming PvP releases

Dear Time Travelers,

Firstly, thank you for your patience whilst we looked into ways to improve the PvP scene here on Chromiecraft, giving incentives for those to play battlegrounds once again.

Let us start off with honor. Chromiecraft has been running with a custom honor cap of 200k from the start of the server’s life. This has led players to sit at the honor cap and be able to purchase brand new gear as soon as it is released. This is going to change, the cap going back in line with retail values to 75k. This is going to happen before the 16th February. We, therefore, recommend everyone to spend their honor where possible to get below the cap. Don’t worry, there is a new way to spend your honor!


Shadow Priest Hacki- Honor Trader

We realise that those focusing solely on PvP content will always be short on gold compared to those who focus more on PvE. We have therefore introduced a new NPC in Booty Bay to help spend that honor of yours. Hacki will take your honor and trade it to gold, shown in the amounts below:

Hacki is also watching over those who will still have over 75k honor when the honor squish arrives before the 16th February. He will automatically trade your honor to gold for you if you haven’t yet done so already.

Shadow Priest Hacki will be available in game from the 4th February. This will be in the morning after a server restart.


New PvP gear & items

Once the honor has been reduced down to 75k, we will be releasing the level 60 PvP sets/equipment’s on 16th February. Blue sets will need no reputation to obtain and will cost between 25k up to 32k honor each. Epics from Warsong Gulch & Arathi Basin require you to be exalted with the selling faction in order to obtain them for 20k each. Do you want that Don Julio’s band? You need to be honored with your respective Alterac Valley faction then (all AV epics require you to be honored, unlike WSG & AB). Please be aware that due to some coding requirements, you can only see both the WSG & AV epic gear when you are exalted for WSG & honored for AV (AB gear should be able to be seen by all no matter the reputation you hold with them). They do exist don’t worry!

Rank 12-14 gear will be released around the same time as Ahn’Qiraj.


We hope these are a welcome release. Chromie looks forward to seeing you all on the battleground!

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