Return of Onyxia

Dear Time Travelers,

As per our recent trailer, Onyxia’s Lair is making a return as a level 60 raid here on Chromiecraft. As always there are several questions about how it is going to be implemented which we will cover below.

  • How will Onyxia be tuned/amended from its level 80 version?

    Onyxia will be running with her Vanilla scripts. So that means no lair guards and being immune to taunt. She has been scaled down to level 60 and has the same style of tuning used in Molten Core. As is the spirit with the Onyxia raid, however, it will be easier to complete than Molten Core.

  • What loot can we expect from Onyxia?

    She will have the same loot as Vanilla. Onyxia will also drop the tier head pieces now instead of Nefarian. We have removed all drops from trash mobs in the lair as well as skinning items.

  • What will the raid reset duration and amount of players be for Onyxia?

    Onyxia will run with a 7 day raid reset. We can also confirm we will be releasing Onyxia as a 25 player raid.

  • Wait, why is Onyxia a 25 player raid but Molten Core 20 player?

    It was always our intention to detune the previous raid to enable it to be more friendly for the more casual crowd of players. Whilst the tuning for Molten Core will not change, upon release of Onyxia the raid size for Molten Core will go up to 25 players to assist raid groups in taking down Ragnaros.

  • How about Achievements for Onyxia?

    All achievements for Onyxia25 will be available except the ’25m Onyxia’ one (it will grant the ‘Level 60’ Classic Onyxia achievement instead).

We trust you will enjoy your encounter with Onyxia, as she likes to say: “How fortuitous. Usually, I must leave my lair in order to feed.” She waits for you all on 16th February at 5 pm / 17:00 UTC (server time).

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