Battlegrounds XP boost

ChromieCraft Battleground XP boost

At ChromieCraft we would like to allow people to play the way they prefer, making sure that the path from 1 to the level cap is amusing for all kinds of players.

Players who enjoy PvP are now able to level up in Battlegrounds, where killing members of the opponent team will grant a boosted amount of XP.

As a reminder:

  • You can join BGs starting from level 10.
  • You can now queue for both BG and RDF at the same time, so you can join the one which will pop up first.
  • Win-trading and other kinds of abuse in BG are strictly forbidden as per our rules.
  • Multiboxing in PvP is strictly forbidden. If you are logged into multiple accounts, none of them can queue for BG.
  • Check our PvPstats for all statistics about Battlegrounds, the best players of every month will win special prizes.

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