An August update – AQ20, War Effort, R12-14 gear and more!

Dear Time Travelers,


We have a lot of news to share with you all!


Firstly, at the next weekly update, the Silithus quests that were currently disabled will become available on Chromiecraft.




Secondly, we will be releasing AQ20 ahead of AQ40. AQ20 will be released on the 24th of August, with a 3 day lockout. With it being more of a catch up raid and it being almost ready, it’s best for the community we drop it early whilst we continue to work on AQ40, as well as…


War Effort


Furthermore, on a later date, AQ40 will be released, together with the War Effort and Scarab Lord quest line. This will be an adjusted version with a reduced requirement of mats. This is your call to get gathering everything needed however.

More information about this will be posted later this week by Nyeriah in #📔︱dev-diaries channel on our discord.


Attunement removals


With the release of AQ20, we will be removing the attunement requirements of Onyxia’s Lair. The Alliance (and Horde) questline will still be available to do, however you will no longer require Drakefire Amulet to enter.

We will also remove the requirement to douse the runes in Molten Core manually as it works in Wotlk. We will be removing the possibility to do the quest chain from Duke Hydraxis, and the achievement “Eternal Quintessence” Feat of Strength will no longer be available ever again. So get it whilst it’s still available!


R14 Weapons & PvP Gear


Also with the release of AQ20, you will be able to buy the Epic PvP set items and R14 weapons.

We changed the way to obtain them compared to previous PvP gears.

You need to obtain the gear pieces in a certain order. You will first need to buy the Boots, then Gloves, Legs, Chest, Head and Shoulders.

Once you obtain the Shoulder piece, you are able to buy R14 weapons.

A requirement to obtain PvP rank 5 (Sergeant Major/First Sergeant) has been placed in to be able to buy the set pieces. PvP rank 6 (Knight/Stone Guard) is required to be able to buy the Weapons.

Furthermore, they have a honor cost and they require a few marks of honor from battlegrounds as well. They will not require reputation.

To accomplish this, we have made a new NPC that you can find inside the PvP vendor area, where you can trade the honor points and marks for a Token which you can then use to buy all the items.


Weekend XP rate


Lastly, we will be enabling the double quest xp every weekend, for characters up to level 60. This will stay throughout TBC and will only increase to 68 once we reach Northrend content. As always you can opt out of this by typing .weekendxprate 1.


Thank you as always for taking the time to play on Chromiecraft, the end of Vanilla content is almost in sight and the Dark Portal is beckoning our arrival.


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