ChromieCraft YouTube video contest

ChromieCraft YouTube contest

Dear time travellers,

we are excited to announce our new ChromieCraft YouTube contest!

What is the contest about?

The contest is about creating YouTube videos about ChromieCraft in order to advertise our community. There are no fixed rules about the type of content: it can be a funny video, or something serious. It can be about PvP, PvE, RP, your guild, our philosophy, etc…etc… or whatever else you just enjoy showing. It’s completely up to you. You can also make a series of videos instead of just one if it makes sense for you.


We will be rewarding the best videos according to several factors:

  1. the quality of the video
  2. how many views has the video collected
  3. how many unique users will click and register to ChromieCraft from your video


The video should contain “ChromieCraft” in the title and the following in the description:

Where to post the video

You can post your video everywhere you think it is appropriate. Don’t forget to also post it on our #youtube-contest channel on the ChromieCraft Discord.

When you feel like your video has been advertised enough, you can contact us to submit your claim. We’ll check your video and its views to determine the amount of Chromie Points.

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