World first race to level 39

It’s time for a new challenge!

Dear ChromieCraft community,

Since our server was born, 339 issues have been reported by the players of ChromieCraft, 252 of those issues have already been fixed. Additionally, countless other improvements have found their way into AzerothCore over the last few months. Even if there are still many other issues affecting our server, the AzerothCore contributors are working hard to solve all of them. If you look at the chart, which shows the number of contributions to AzerothCore, you’ll see that, since its birth in late December 2020, ChromieCraft has been experiencing more and more fixes.

At this point, Chromie is ready to let you venture deeper into her lore. For that reason, you will be able to use the “.beta activate” command again to unlock the new level cap of 39.

This event will take place after a short downtime on May 1st, 2021.

With the new bracket there will be new dungeons:

  • Scarlet Monastery – Library
  • Razorfen Downs
  • Scarlet Monastery – Armory
  • Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral
  • Uldaman

If you want to go back to the current bracket later, remember that you can always create a CarbonCopy of your character. Since every account has one free ticket for CarbonCopy, you can test it at no cost. The maximum level of this feature will get raised to level 29 after the level cap has been raised.

PS: From now on, Chromie will send you additional letters when reaching a new level cap. In these, you will see your rank compared to the other players who reached this level before you, or if you are the first Chromie will tell you so. Save a copy of the letter to show other players that you were the very first to reach level 39!


The ChromieCraft Staff

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