Create Twinks with CarbonCopy

Dear ChromieCraft Community,

We know how much you enjoy Battlegrounds and we love to see you play them every day. The lower brackets will eventually come to an end and some of you might still have desires to rewind the good old days.

Of course everyone can just level a new twink and engage in PvP again. But we were not satisfied with that solution and have thought of ways for this to become more achievable.

We proudly announce the CarbonCopy feature, which allows all of you to create an exact copy of your character with a different name on the same account. The cloned character will inherit all worn items (including enchants and gems), the hearthstone, spells, finished quests, action bars, hunterpets and stableslots, talents, glyphs, and skills from the source character.

No items from bags/bank are copied. No bags are copied. All starter gear is deleted except the hearthstone. No gold is copied. The new character will be at zero copper. No achievements are copied.

Every single existing account and all new future accounts will receive one free ticket for this feature. You can get additional tickets using ChromiePoints:

Ticket costs are:

  • 1 up to level 19
  • 2 from 20-49
  • 3 from 50-59
  • 5 for level 60 (you cannot copy characters above 61)

.carboncopy help displays a brief explanation.
.carboncopy displays the amount of available tickets.
– Create a new character with same class/race as the one to copy in the same account. Do NOT log it in.
– Log in with the source character
– While logged in on the character to copy from, do .carboncopy $newToonsName
– WAIT for a minute before you log out.

Remember that you probably want to deactivate experience gains for that new character. You can use the XP Eliminator NPC’s for free in game.

Happy twinking!

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