The return of LegacyPlayers!

Dear Time Travelers,

One of the more essential tools to be created in the WoW scene was LegacyPlayers. Started back in 2017 by Shino (no, different from our own Shin!), it was the go-to tool for players to check out raid performance and share their stats and times with one another. That was, of course, until it was taken down in August 2022. Now, it is making a return! Chromiecraft is now proud to announce we are hosting this incredible service for everyone to use once again!


A massive thank you to the whole team behind LegacyPlayers for embracing the open-source spirit that we are such fierce advocates of and allowing the hosting of this incredible tool already. Roboto has been hard at work not only getting this to work but also starting to tackle some of the bugs that came with it as well. We are hosting this for anyone and everyone to use, for free of course!

You can find a permanent link on our website, under the ‘Tools’ section. We look forward to seeing your efforts on the raids going forward!

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