Server event: Chromie needs your help #3

Please help restore the order of time!

This time Chromie has trapped Crocolisk Dundee. Try and prove yourself in this server event against the famous alligator tamer!

Our patron Chromie is on a mission. She has discovered an invasion of the timeline and needs your help to fight the invaders in an upcoming server event. So bring your strongest weapons and best armor to aid her in her fight! Chromie has identified an agent of time and its servants. She can make a servant visible for you and your party, or you can bring a whole raid and fight the agent alongside their servants with up to 40 players.

The next PvE server event appointments are on July, Sunday 18th, and Saturday 24th at 19.00 / 7 pm server time / UTC.

Chromie will appear in random locations, wherever she manages to trap her opponents. It is up to you to bring an army and defeat those who are threatening the order of time. We will announce the place in /world and on discord. Also there will be summons to the location of the event.

Like a World Boss, only a single group may activate the encounter, so you may need to wait until a currently active encounter is finished. Unlike a World Boss, a new party or raid can start the encounter immediately following another group having attempted it. Of course, there will be a notice on discord and /world when Chromie spawns, so keep an eye out, Chromie can’t afford for you to miss it.

New feature: Successfully beating the raid encounters will award a score. Higher difficulties grant more. Also, all successful encounters are logged on the website. Go for new records!

Last but not least, your server event score will be converted to ChromiePoints once a month.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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