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Welcome to ChromieCraft: the open-source server

ChromieCraft is a blizzlike full-progressive experience
Powered by AzerothCore and based on Wrath of the Lich King

You can read more about the project here


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50-59 Tier 0 A Release Date

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Dear Time Travelers, Firstly, a huge warm welcome to all of our new players here on Chromiecraft. We have been hitting new population peaks on an almost daily basis. As of this announcement we have hit a new connection peak record of 803 players! It feels like such a long time...
ChromieCraft loves AzerothCore

ChromieCraft sponsoring the AzerothCore open-source development

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Dear time travellers, we are ready for the next step! In order to advance the project and ensure that people with the necessary talents to deliver high-quality software are available to us, we have decided to pay some freelance developers directly for their work. By offering payments to people who...

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How to Connect

set realmlist

ChromieCraft - Kel'Thuzad

Create an account

First of all, you have to create an account.

Download the game

Download the game in the correct version, which is 3.3.5a (12340):

ChromieCraft - Install client

Already have a client: change realmlist

If you already have a 3.3.5a client, then open the “World of Warcraft” folder and change the realmlist deleting all the text inside WoW/Data/enUS/ replacing with:


ChromieCraft Note


Launch the game using Wow.exe. Login using your account name and password (do NOT login with email).

This server is proudly based on AzerothCore

The open-source is not only our philosophy: it is our strength.”
ChromieCraft && AzerothCore

How to contribute: AzerothCore Logo
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