Mid-bracket news

Hello ChromieCraft community!

We have some new features ready to fulfill your wildest dreams of possible challenges.


30-39 is now stable

Following the next restart ‘.beta activate’ won’t be required anymore. You did a great job reporting bugs in the current bracket and our developers are working hard to fix them all.



We are working on a PVE-Leaderboard to become available on the website. So for certain criteria during a dungeon run you will gain points in that list.

To score big:

  • Be fast
  • The less in people in party, the better
  • Go for the hardest dungeons possible


Recruit-a Friend

Also there is going to be a Recruit-a Friend feature to link new or recently created accounts to a recruiter. You can bring an unlimited amount of recruits and both the recruiter and recruits will gain some benefits from this:

  • Recruiters gain rewards in the game, once one or more of their recruits reach the target level. There are pets, bags and consumables available from this.
  • Recruits get a continuous rested bonus until the link expires from reaching a certain level or after a certain amount of time.
  • Recruiters can summon their recruits without cooldown.


There will be a seperate news/announcement once the Leaderboard and Recruit-a-friend go live!

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