March 2021 PvPstats Winners

Congratulations to our March PvPstats winners!

In addition to the exclusive, personal rewards,
each player listed will receive 25 Chromie Points per victory.

March PvPstats winners 20-29

PvPstats March 20-29

#1 Endermer [The Flawless Victor Title] [Scroll of Enchant 2H Weapon – Greater Impact] [MiniZep Controller]

#2 Ixtab [Carved Ogre Idol] [Staff of Noh’Orahil] [Dancing Flame]

#3 Aonani [Mage Dragon Robe] [Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000] [Bottomless Bag]

#4 Lanaya [Orb of Deception] [Diplomacy (reverted)] [Pendulum of Doom]

#5 Eltharyon [Bow of Searing Arrows] [Scroll of Enchant Chest – +3 Stats]

#6 Soricelu[Scorched Bands] [Ice Chip]

#7 Catch [Quiver of the Night Watch] [Sergeant Major’s Cape]

#8 Kaito [Tigerstrike Mantle] [Scroll of Enchant Boots Agility]

#9 Stinky [Tigerstrike Mantle] [The Ninja Set]

#10 Goel [Scorched Stone] [Ward of the Elements]

March PvPstats winners 10-19

PvPstats March 10-19

#1 Nice [Arena Grand Master] [Arena Grand Master]

#2 Pi [Arena Grand Master] [Mojo]

#3 Helerdeader [Arena Grand Master]

#4 Alan [Arena Master] x3

#4 Smorc [Arena Master] x3

#4 Strongbow [Arena Master] x3

#4 Hq [Arena Master] x3

#4 Kaitox [Arena Master] x3

#4 Notender [Arena Master] x3


– prizes (including the amount of bonus Chromie Points) can change every month
– we always award the top 5 players of every active PvP level bracket
– if you abuse the BG queue you are no longer entitled to the prizes for the current month, the next player in the score will get it instead
– if you do not like your prize please contact me and we will instead give additional Chromie Points.

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