Hamsterwheel’s Dummy DPS pt. 4

Hello again!

It’s time again to show what you’ve got and beat the hell out of our favourite victim: the Training Dummy! Hamsterwheel is looking forward to your company on June 10th, 19.00 server time! Like in the past, there are no signups required. So just look at the /world channel and be ready on time.

The rules are as follows:

There is one round of one minute duration, where every participant does as many damage as they can to the dummy. Of course anything goes: From buffs and consumables to trinkets and on-use items… go absolutely nuts! The highest total damage per class wins.

The ChromieCraft GMs will help you out with summons to Mount Hyjal again.

Past Highlights

On May 20th we held one contest already in this bracket. Let’s make sure we smash those records.

The 20-29 era had its closing ceremony in one epic catch-up battle.

The detailled footage of our very first Dummy-Contest is available here.


We hope to see you soon. Lay it all down!

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