Hamsterwheel’s Dummy DPS part 3

Hello Adventurers,

It is about time to prove your strength once more. Chromie is interested in the progression of your powers, so follow her call to the hidden landscapes of Mount Hyjal.

Like before, she tasked Hamsterwheel with the event’s arrangement. You can watch the footage of the previous event in Ratchet and also the one in Hyjal on Hamsterwheel’s Youtube channel. We will meet in Hyjal on Thursday, May 20th at 19.00 / 7pm server time. You will be prompted in world chat to be summoned to the event’s location.

The rules are as follows:

There is one round of one minute duration, where every participant does as many damage as they can to the dummy. Anything goes. Buffs, consumables, trinkets, on-use-items… go absolutely nuts! The highest total damage per class wins.

We hope to see you soon. To new records!



The team of Chromiecraft.

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