Gnome race event!

Greetings, time travellers

This Saturday 13th at 20:00 /8 PM server time we’ll be hosting a special event for those interested: A race!

But hold on, it’s a bit more than that. Only gnomes may participate, freshly made level 1, and without any outside help; be it items from alts, or another character giving a hand in any other way. Participants will be invited to a raid and must remain in it the whole time, leaving it early results in disqualification. Using shortcuts (like Deeprun Tram, flight paths, portals, summoning, etc) will lead to disqualification as well. You must reach Booty Bay alive! No ghost running!

The objective: Waddle your way from Coldridge Valley to Booty Bay and ask to trade a GM waiting for you there. The first ones to arrive will receive unique prizes!

The prizes in question are:
1st place: A code for 3 months of YouTube Premium
2nd and 3rd place: A code for 2 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Additionally: the 3 first gnomes will get a pet!

To participate, all you have to do is whisper an available GM, who will summon you to the designated place and invite you to the raid. The race will start at 20:15 server time!

Warm up, stretch, and see you there!

(The codes were provided by players as a present for events)


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