Global Buffs for Battlegrounds

Dear Time Travelers,

We will introduce global buffs for Battlegrounds later today – again. We’ve heard a large amount of feedback from our PvP-community regarding battlegrounds and thought about how to improve the experience. Naturally, we will try and use the same approach which already worked out in the 49 bracket:

From a point later today on, every player inside Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin,  Alterac Valley, and Arenas will receive a flat damage-taken reduction of 20%  for the duration of the battleground.

Here is why: Matter of factly, the combination of Vanilla Gear and Wrath talents/glyphs/spells were never balanced in Retail. For that reason, we face very high damage compared to Vanilla, without significantly increased survivability. By applying global buffs for PvP, our intention is to increase the overall playability of Battlegrounds and Arenas.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and we’re looking forward to your feedback about it.

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