Further PvP Tuning

Dear PvP-Enthusiasts,

It’s about time to try and look into the state of battlegrounds once more. The 3.3.5 version of the game has largely increased damage and healing outputs compared to vanilla, while survivability didn’t increase as much despite wrath talents being available. With BWL gear now available, this gap will become even bigger, allowing for way more damage to be done and still no way of improved mitigation.

Currently we have applied a 20% damage reduction from any and all sources in PvP. To compensate for the now even higher damage and healing outputs, we’re going to increase the damage reduction from -20 to -30% 25% later today.
Up to now only damage dealers were the ones to be nerfed. As the healer’s output is increasing as well, we will expand this to healers and reduce all healing and absorbs in PvP by 20%. That is for battlegrounds and arenas, same as the damage reduction.

With our recent fixes to the healing nerfs, there will be no more double nerfs for followup-effects happening. See #📖︱changelog-chromie for details.

This change is considered a test.

Since we always aim to provide an experience worth playing, we rely on your feedback to adjust these numbers where needed. Let’s have a healthy discussion in #🗡︱pvp  about the subject.

Thank you for playing on ChromieCraft and contributing to the emulation of the 3.3.5 experience.


Chromies’ Helpers.

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