Development Diary – March 2022

Hello ChromieCraft Community,

We wanted to let you know what we have been working on lately, by means of a ‘development’ post/blog giving you an insight into what we have been doing recently behind the scenes.


As you may have noticed, we have been paying some more attention to PvP. This resulted in a few changes you have seen before, such as the QoL vendor for Soulshards, Call to Arms being every week on current battlegrounds, and Marks of Honor being awarded for competing in battlegrounds. We are also consistently looking at the leveling experience in Battlegrounds. XP has been increased in all of the battlegrounds lately and balanced better in Alterac Valley, as it seemed to be way too easy to level up. We will continue to monitor this and adjust where necessary.  Also continuously looking into anything more that we can do to improve PvP, so feel free to leave your suggestions on our Discord or on Github.


Following the progression schedule, we are looking at Blackwing Lair. This raid was basically not functional at the start of January. We are however making great progress and every boss encounter is starting to take shape. We also had to address some loot issues. Let’s take one boss as an example; Nefarian. Before we worked on Nefarian, he spawned some minions, without taking into regard that which minion spawned changes every week. He would stalk a random player around and maybe cast a few spells. After beating a bunch of minions, he would proceed to not go into his dragonform but continuously look you daringly in the eyes. After we made some fixes to that, we discovered that basically none of the class calls were functional at all. Probably the most working class call was the Druid class call: everyone would turn into cat form (even non-druids!) which was pretty hilarious. We also had issues with his pathing and other minor issues. All in all, it took a complete rewrite to get Nefarian working. This was only Nefarian, but Razorgore, Vaelastrasz, Broodlord Lashlayer, and Chromaggus also had to undergo similar treatment. As you can imagine this has been a ton of work for all involved. We are now underway to fix the last few issues and testing once more before we can announce a release date for Blackwing Lair. In addition we are also looking further ahead, namely at Zul’Gurub. We did an initial test run to see what the state was of this raid. This run is usually done solo, which means that usually you only find major bugs.

First impressions are that it isn’t as bugged as Blackwing Lair was, but only when we do a full raid run we can tell that with confidence.

We are trying to keep everyone in the loop as to what the team is working on as not everyone sees the hundreds of hours the team puts into the server every month. We will be putting this out on a regular-ish basis so let us know what you think. As always we are in need of more hands to assist and contribute to the server – Please feel free to have a look at what you can assist with. Thanks as always for playing here on Chromiecraft and have a lovely day!

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