Community event – A new mascot + Christmas sale!

Dear Time Travelers,

We are on the hunt for a new mascot for Chromiecraft and we want you all to help us make it! Using an AI image generator of your choice (you can use Freepik, DALL E-3, Midjourney etc), we want you to design a mascot for Chromiecraft or Azerothcore. Please submit your images on our discord channel (there is a new channel called #mascot-competition)! There are a few rules on this competition:

– It needs to be relevant in some way to Chromiecraft and / or Azerothcore
– It cannot contain any IP / copyright material
– Only ONE submission per person. Should you want to revoke your original creation and upload another one, you must delete the original then post a new one

Submissions will be open until Sunday, 31st December 23:59 UTC (server time). Once these have been received, the team will select their favourite 5 creations, after which the community will vote for their favourite! Of course prizes will be rewarded, as follows:

1st place – 150,000 Chromiepoints (CP) (150k) + a surprise prize in relation to your creation!

2nd place – 100,000 CP (100k)

3rd place – 50,000 CP (50k)

4th place – 30,000 CP (30k)

5th place – 25,000 CP (25k)

With SSC now open, the team next week will focus on fixes to the content which is outstanding / new issues found during the raid. We will then take a development break over Christmas to recharge our batteries to hit 2024 running! To celebrate this release, we have a 20% sale on all Chromiepoints (CP) from now until the 31st December 23:59 UTC (server time).

The holiday season is once more upon us. For those that celebrate, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a fantastic New Year. May everyone all remain happy, healthy & wealthy.

Lots of love,
The Chromiecraft Team!

Screenshot by Gesche | dalailamer

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