Battle for Mount Hyjal – 29th May

Dear Time Travelers,

The Battle for Mount Hyjal raid will release on the 29th May at 17:00 UTC (server time)

Are you ready for your battle of survival with Archimonde? As with raid releases now, testing and feedback has been open for a number of weeks so please do check out the tuning and report any issues found. All details are within the bug-hunter channel on discord and reports go into GitHub still.

Click the bug-hunter role on the #roles channel to be able to visit this channel. There is a detailed lay-out of how we want the testing/development to be until the release date.

In general we want people to be more involved in the process of making a raid ready for release. Massive thanks for all the work people have already put in making reports and carefully checking mechanics to make sure we get them right!

Work is also underway on the Netherwing faction release, with an aim to potentially releasing it before the raid release, once we have more news on this we will let you all know.

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