An update on Chromiecraft – 70 Bracket, Releases, Changes etc.

Dear Time Travelers,

We hope you are all having as good 2023 so far as possible. With the 69 bracket about to release on 8th February 2023, we thought it was about time for an update on our plans for 2023 and some changes and releases to note.


Shop changes

We will make some changes to the shop, altering our offerings and adding some brand-new options/services in the coming weeks. To confirm, as always these will be non-P2W, no selling of power, etc. The prices will be changing as well, with more value injected into the shop given the current cost of living crisis affecting so many around the world. We will empower those who contribute to the server, ensuring the best way to earn items from the shop is via reporting bugs, helping triage issues, testing etc. PvPstats will still offer rewards for the top 50 players as well as winners in active brackets but to a lesser extent, mimicking the changes to the shop to ensure you have the same value as previously for your hard-fought Chromiepoints.


Monthly Subscription services

Yes, we know that this has been asked for maybe the last two years now. We are beyond grateful for each and everyone who has supported the server and continues to do so. We are happy to announce, coming soon™, will be the ability to subscribe with various tiers of support for the work we put into Azerothcore. There will be a range of benefits and rewards for each tier, as always as a registered non-profit organisation 100% of any funds we raise from the Chromiecraft shop & subscription service are reinvested 100% into the server again!


Progressive release of 70 Dungeons

Outlands has brought upon its fair share of issues to resolve, that is safe to say! Whilst the original run of dungeons was not too rough, a few of the 70 dungeons are, to be brutally honest, broken. The good news is, we have already had internal runs of the dungeons and issues raised for all the normal dungeons. The last we want to happen however is a drought of content for you, our players. For that reason, we have altered our 70 release (the most broken ones releasing last, the ‘slightly working better’ first) as noted below:


70 release – Flying available. Dungeons –  The Black Morass & The Botanica are available immediately at 70 launch.

Following the launch, The Mechanar & The Arcatraz will be the next dungeons available, followed by The Steamvault, Shadow Labyrinth, and lastly the Shattered Halls.

With the work then complete on the normal version of dungeons, it should lead to a much sharper focus on the release of the Heroic dungeons, then moving into the raid brackets on TBC! We understand this is not in line in terms of gear progression, this is to give you as much content as possible whilst the developers have time to fix the most broken dungeons in TBC.


Release date of the 70 bracket

With the release date of the 69 bracket and a short number of dungeons (but a load of stuff to resolve in Outlands itself), we wanted the 69 bracket to be shorter in length, whilst also giving the development team time to focus on fixes and issues currently in game (and those pesky broken dungeons at 70).



We can confirm we will be releasing the 70 bracket on 8th March 2023! 



Allow us to end this update by saying thank you, to all of you who make Chromiecraft the incredible community it is. It is great to have seen online numbers rebound and whilst we were just shy of the 1000-player mark again in the 64 bracket, it was great to see so many new and returning players on the server once again. We wish you a fantastic rest of your day, thank you once again!


Screenshot by Caramella

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