60 Release

Content for the 60 release

Dear Time Travelers,

We’re looking forward to another content release and we’re excited to inform you about the upcoming changes:

  • Soon™ all characters on ChromieCraft will be able to use `.beta activate` again, so they can gain one more level and reach Level 60. Like in the past, the content up to Level 59 is going to be considered stable from this point on.
  • Some of the NPCs in Silithus are re-introduced. So we’ll go through a lot of details to verify quests and interactions are working as intended for the remaining NPCs and release them as soon as possible and appropriate.
  • Level 60 epic PvP gear from vendors inside Alterac Valley is going to be removed from all characters and the honor refunded. These items are not going to be obtainable until a later bracket.
  • Tier 0.5 / Dungeon Set 2 will have its final quests available to gain 8/8 pieces.
  • The debuffs caused by Chromies Time-Traveling spell in UBRS as well as PvP will remain untouched for now. The benefits from the new max level, items and talents will make the dungeon significantly more easy already.
  • The RAF level limit is going to rise to 55. Once one of your characters reaches this level or after 30 days, the RAF link is removed for the whole account.

As a reminder, we will be removing any 60/70/80 endgame items which popped up unintentionally, until we reach the correct bracket for those items. If you notice something that looks out of place, please keep reporting it to us.

Seasons Greetings

Chromie will have several surprises for her Time Travelers. Watch out for them during the holidays so you do not miss out. Some are listed below:

Bonus Quest XP week

All quests completed between December 23rd and December 30th are going to award 3x experience. This does not include RDF completition quests at the end of a dungeon.

Custom party bosses

There is going to be an NPC near the Gadgetzan graveyard, who assists Chromie in summoning her foes and let you and your friends take care of them. See our past event announcements for examples. But this time Amber Haze is going to give you a way to choose 1) The difficulty 1-10 and 2) A 5-player encounter from all past minibosses and a new suprise boss! Go for 1st place in our WorldBossRankings

… and maybe more

Stay tuned!


As for any and all freshly released content, we consider it beta. Please report your findings if something is off in a bug report on our GitHub bug tracker.

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