DPS Contest with Hamsterwheel pt 2

Hello ChromieCraft community,

You will get another chance to prove yourself to Chromie. Hamsterwheel is going to invite you for the closing ceremony of the 20-29 bracket. It’s dummy time again! Get ready to lay waste on the poorest of all training dummies for one minute.

The invites start on April 29th at 19.00 server time. No signups are required, just have a look at the world channel.

This time we will hold the event in a more exotic environment. We will announce the exact location at a later date. The highest dps per class will of course receive a prize again.

There will be only one round, no semi-finals or pre-rounds like before.

See you then!


PS: In case you missed the first event, here is the link to Hamsterwheel’s footage on Youtube.

PPS: This time we will meet in Mount Hyjal. You will be teleported on request, just watch the world channel.

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