The road to 40-49

ChromieCraft 40-49 Tanaris Wallpaper


There is roughly a 57/43 split between people who want the earliest release date and people that want the latest release date.

As the poll results are split so we have come to a compromise. We are proud to announce that:

On the 2nd 3rd of July, we will release the 40-49 bracket to open-beta!

THE ALPHA CHALLENGE: starting from the 11th of June we will gradually release the 40-49 dungeons for live alpha testing. This means the dungeons will be accessible but they won’t give any loot or achievements. They will not be available via RDF.

The level cap will stay at level 39 for this phase (as to not conclude the current PvP leaderboard early). People can try out the new dungeons, report all bugs they find and receive ChromiePoints for every valid bug they report on our GitHub.

11th of June:
Maraudon – Purple Crystals (1st week)
Maraudon – Orange Crystals (1st week)
Maraudon – Pristine Waters (1st week)

18th of June:
Zul’Farrak (2nd week)

25th of June:
Sunken Temple (3rd week)

Our hardworking developers will appreciate the extra time too. It will allow them to continue fixing bugs for you all to enjoy the best WoW experience we can offer.

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