Tempest Keep – 6th March

Dear Time Travelers,

Let’s begin with the news you have all been waiting for.

Tempest Keep/The Eye is scheduled to release on the 6th March, 17:00 UTC (Server time)

The halls of the floating fortress will open and Kael’thas will be awaiting your arrival. With the creation of our new bug-hunter role, we want to outline the schedule for testing we want to maintain before releasing Tempest Keep. This is something we are looking to make standard for future releases, and this first attempt to set such a testing programme in stone is to see how this is received by you.

Click the bug-hunter role on the #roles channel to be able to visit this channel. There we will have detailed lay-out of how we want the testing/development to be until the release date.

In general we want people to be more involved in the process of making a raid ready for release. Massive thanks for all the work people have already put in making reports and carefully checking mechanics to make sure we get them right!

Alongside the other changes the team have been working with for PvP, we are looking into releasing arena season 2 close to the TK release as well. Stay posted for more news on that as well as the work going into the daily quests for Arena Points to further boost PvP engagement.

A password will be emailed to you.