Release of new Classic PvP sets!

Dear Time Travelers,

On 2nd October we have released the latest bracket, 50-59. Following on from its release, on 1st November new PvP sets will be released, restoring the Classic ones that have been disabled in the WOTLK expansions.

Which are these items?

Class Set Name
Druid Lieutenant Commander’s Sanctuary
Hunter Lieutenant Commander’s Pursuit
Mage Lieutenant Commander’s Regalia
Paladin Lieutenant Commander’s Aegis
Priest Lieutenant Commander’s Raiment
Rogue Lieutenant Commander’s Vestments
Shaman Champion’s Earthshaker
Warlock Lieutenant Commander’s Threads
Warrior Lieutenant Commander’s Battlegear

Note: on Classic, there was the Shaman class only in the Horde and the Paladin only in the Alliance, in this occasion we will use the Shaman and Paladin itemset for both factions.

Where can I get them?

They will be available on 1st November in Stormwind and Orgrimmar from these vendors Sergeant Major Clate <Armor Quartermaster>  and First Sergeant Hola’mahi <Armor Quartermaster>:


May your battles be a success with your latest gear!

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