PvP Event on Saturday 17th of July

Greetings Time Travelers!

PvP Arena Event on Saturday (17th of July) at 19:00 server time (UTC)

As some of you may know already, we are going to host a 2v2 tournament in a custom arena. The fee to participate in the Arena Event is 20 gold per character, so 40 gold per team. You get a share of the prize pool if you get to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, as well as pets, which are given away by staff. The matches will be in the best-of-three format.

The rules for the fights, you ask?

There are no rules! Items, magic spells, voodoo, whatever you can think of, anything goes! If it is in the game and can be legally obtained, you may use it. All buffs will be removed when players are teleported into the arena for the Arena Event. That excludes e.g. world buffs from being used.

Where is the Arena Event gonna be?

The Arena Event will take place on an island south of Tanaris. You can get there via an NPC located on the docks of Steamwheedle Port. You can register your team for the tournament from now until the start of the tournament (Saturday 17th of July, 19:00 server time).

What’s the fame?

You can see the tournament bracket on challonge.com. Check back for stats and matchmaking!

And what prizes are available?

The 3 top teams will gain a portion of all entry fees. Similarly to other server events, staff will grant pets to the winners.

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