One year of ChromieCraft

AzerothCore overall activity

ChromieCraft has had a tremendous impact on the development activity of the AzerothCore (AC) MMO framework. We have been able to attract new contributors as well as hire dedicated developers for AzerothCore. All our improvements have been always pushed directly under the main AzerothCore GitHub Organisation and are completely open-source (under the AGPL license). This means that other servers of today and tomorrow can benefit from all these improvements (you can read more about our open-source philosophy here).

This graph shows the activity of AzerothCore since it was created until now counting commits. Since ChromieCraft creation (late 2020), the activity went significantly higher:

AzerothCore activity 2016-2021

This activity refers to the AC main repository and does not include all the additional modules, scripts, tools and web applications that are part of the AzerothCore ecosystem.


Bugs per bracket

We classify all valid bug reports in different brackets using GitHub Projects on the AC organisation. This way we can keep track of the work that has been done per every bracket. All bugs that are not part of a specific content bracket are classified in the “Generic” project.

The reports come mostly from the ChromieCraft players after being triaged by our Bug Triaging team, but there are other sources too (e.g. AC volunteers, other private server admins, etc…):

ChromieCraft AzerothCore projects after 1 year of development

Players reporting activity

We collected 2497 reports coming from players. Only 60% of them have been valid bugs, while the rest 40% have been invalid reports.

1888 (72%) reports have already been processed and closed, while 609 (28%) are still waiting for a fix.


Bug Triaging team

The ChromieCraft Bug Triaging team takes care of checking all the reports coming from players by validating, reproducing, and classifying them into the right GitHub Project. This way only the valid reports will get to AzerothCore, making sure the developers can then focus only on valid and reproducible bugs.

Here are the statistics about our awesome Bug Triaging team:

Source: statistics generated by Azcobu based on GitHub public data

Top developers of the 1st year of ChromieCraft

The graph below shows some statistics about all repositories under the AzerothCore organisation.

Source: statistics generated by Azcobu based on GitHub public data

This other graph shows the activity about only to the AC main repository and does not include all the additional modules, scripts, tools, and web applications that are part of the AzerothCore ecosystem:

AzerothCore best developers 2021


More credits

The picture above counts only the commits from the main repository. In reality, there has been a lot of development work on other fronts too.

It is impossible to mention all contributors here, but from the people not mentioned in the picture above we would like to thank:

  • Dalanth aka Nicoravena for his contributions to the ChromieCraft web stack
  • Honey aka Linedera for all her LUA scripts powering the ChromieCraft special features and events, as well as leading the Moderation/Support team of course.
  • Temper and Sedatyf for their great help with testing PRs and leading the Testing team.

More people helped mostly with non-technical tasks and are then not mentioned in the statistics above, we would like to thank:

  • Construct aka Amrx, Dissectional aka Giat, AmberHaze aka DerelictMind, SynfulSyn, Adalwine aka G4b1ts, and Stump for being part of our Moderation/Support team.
  • Valsery, Lushen, Ixtab, Alex, Robbie aka Graveyard, Lotus for helping with graphics and videos during this year

Looking to the future

During the first year of ChromieCraft, we indeed had many challenges. Especially in the beginning, when the player base was small and consequently the resources at our disposal, both in terms of contributors and donations. We have now a large group of contributors, mostly volunteers, and we have also been able to hire some dedicated developers thanks to our generous donors. We have also been able to buy a new host machine for the next 2 years.

So we are all set for the next years and all the new challenges we have to face. From a PvE perspective, so far we have focused mostly on Dungeons, and of course, from now on we will need to deal with Raids as well. From a PvP perspective, the Battlegrounds have been our main focus: we improved the stability and balance of BGs, however, there is a lot of room for improvements there and we will start working on Arenas as well.

New big challenges are ahead and will need all our community support to keep growing. As a reminder, there are many other ways besides donating to help our project, for all kinds of people. You can find more information about contributing here and you can ping us anytime to ask for more information.

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