June 2024 Battleground Winners

Congratulations to our June 2024 Battleground winners! We have distributed 50 Chromie Points (CP) per victory in BGs to the top 50 players of all brackets.

On top of that, the top 10 players with the most victories will receive a bonus of extra CP and the winner of the most BG wins will obtain the [Flawless Victor] + [PvPstats Winner] Discord rank game title.

For the winner of the [Flawless Victor] game title + [PvPstats Winner] Discord rank, please make a #support-ticket on our discord server using the ‘Reward’ category so we can get you kitted out!

1. 35.000 + [Flawless Victor] game title + [PvPstats Winner] Discord rank

2. 25.000

3. 18.000

4. 15.000

5. 12.000

6. 10.000

7. 9.000

8. 8.000

9. 7.000 to both in ninth place

Monthly distribution of points and prizes

Please be aware: we reserve the right to change the prices of our catalogue anytime as well as the amount of Chromie Points given every month for the Battlegrounds victories

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