Heroic Dungeon release & other miscellaneous changes

Dear Time Travelers,


What a long, strange road its been. To say we underestimated the work and effort needed on the TBC dungeons is putting it lightly. We thank you all for the patience shown whilst we tackled these issues (including several complete re-writes). The team have been extremely hard at work not only fixing both the current dungeon releases but also having an eye on the upcoming Heroic dungeon releases. With this in mind, we are proud to announce:


Heroic Dungeons (all of them) will be released on Wednesday, 7th June. As a reminder, keys are needed to enter in heroics and one needs to be revered with the faction to purchase these.


With the release of heroics, there are a few changes to mention:

  • Anzu is reverting back to its original, heroic-only version in order for Druids to complete their epic-flying questline. 
  • Our resident little purple dragon, Gully, is taking flight from the server and may return in another form in the future. No more teleports to hard-to-reach without flying mounts going forward.
  • Engineering enjoyers, rejoice! Your epic goggles will now be available to learn at your trainers.
  • Heroic dungeons will have a light tune to them in terms of mob HP values, damage taken and healing done in light of the extra power from Wrath talents & skills. The healing and damage changes are fairly small, similar to what we’ve had in ZG/AQ20, it will remain the same as it currently is on the PTR.
  • G’eras, the heroic badge vendor, will start selling some gear up to ilvl 115, as well as Primal Nether.
  • The Karazhan attunement will be available to complete.


As well as some new craftable items, a new batch of PvP gear will become available in game in exchange for Honor:

  • Off-set Season One Wrists (ilvl 113)
  • Pendant of Dominance/Triumph (ilvl 113)
  • Talisman of the Horde/Alliance (ilvl 90)
  • New: PvP Epic Gems

There will be no honor reset.


We have also been listening and taking in your comments and feedback, one of the most requested features involves our current usage of weekend XP rates. Currently, we offer X2 quest XP rewards every Friday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 (server time which is UTC). Alongside that, we have our Recruit-a-Friend (RAF) module which offers 30 days of permanent rested XP to level 65 or 30 days (whichever is hit first).


Upon the release of Heroics, the default quest XP rate on Chromiecraft will be X2 going forward, everyday.

A couple of things to mention regarding this:

  • This only affects Quest XP gains (which also doubles the reward upon a successful RDF dungeon run).
  • Only characters up to level 65 are eligible for increased XP rate.
  • The Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) module still gives you permanent rested XP (blue bar) for 30 days or until a character hits level 65 (whichever is hit first).
  • You can still opt out of this and play with X1 rates should you choose to do so (type in the command .weekendxp rate 1).
  • Challenge modes (Hardcore & Ironman) are still run to x1 rates and are not affected by this change (Bloodthirsy only rewards XP by mob kills so is also unaffected by this).


Lastly, as a bit of a celebration reaching this milestone, all purchases of Chromiepoints are 20% off until 14th June! Brand new items are appearing on The Moonshine Market in the coming days so keep your eyes open for them!



As always let us say a massive thank you to all of our contributors & staff who have worked tirelessly to reach this point of the server. A big thank you as well to everyone who continues and is returning to Chromiecraft in time for the heroic dungeon releases and upcoming TBC raid releases.

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