Gnome Race Event

Here is a message from Arbitration#4345:

Hello all! I would like to officially announce <Chromie Homies> first server wide event. The <Chromie Gnomies> death run on Saturday at 5:15 (17:15) server time. It will be a level 1 gnome race from the gnome/dwarf starting area, over too SW gate. There will be 2 sets of prize pools involved, 1 for guildies and 1 for non-guildies. However as of this announcement our recruitment is frozen until after the event.

The prizes are as follows. 1st: 40g 2nd: 25g 3rd 15g.

Since the prize pools are seperate, 3 people on the server not a part of our guild are guaranteed to make some gold.

If you wish to join us, please whisper or mail either Boneymcbone in the <Chromie Homies> guild, or Arbitration in the <Chromie Gnomies> guild. We will start accepting level 1 gnomes into the guild starting tomorrow, so anyone that would like to join, get your gnome in early. There will also be a bonus (won’t tell you what it is) prize, for the person that the officers agree is the best gnome name in the race.

The rules are as follows:

All participants will be in the starting zone, in the Chromie Gnomies guild at the start, anyone that finishes not in the guild is not eligible for a prize, so we can track who is racing.
No Tram or flight paths of any kind.
No sending helpful items from your main, or using a higher level character to help you on your journey. (all gnomes will be fresh level 1’s with no enchants, or other assisting features)
You will be in a video, one of our officers will follow the group recording.
Any rules broken will instantly disqualify you from a reward.

We look forward to seeing anyone interested there! Let’s enjoy the cathartic experience of slaughtering hundreds of gnomes together!

P.S. you must cross stormwind gate alive, ghost running doesn’t count.

We’ve pushed the date back to saturday the 17th so that more NA people can attend!

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