DPS contest with Hamsterwheel

Hello fellow ChromieCraft community,

Our dear friend Hamsterwheel invites you to a community event on Sunday 11th at 16.00 server time.
We plan to meet on the plateau just south of Ratchet. You will recognize a level 30 training dummy in this place.

Guess what? We will beat the hell out of it. Hamsterwheel, as your host, is going to create footage of the contest. We will have multiple preliminary rounds, so you can participate with multiple characters, one after another.

The highest dps per class of each pre-round will advance to the finals.
Each class (not spec) will have its own winner. Of course, there will also be prizes for all winners.

I hope to see you on Sunday, bring your worst!

Follow Hamsterwheel on Youtube!



Now that was one hell of an epic beat-down!

Watch the footage of today’s events on Hamsterwheel’s YouTube channel.

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