Chromie’s Trusted Dealer is on the way!

Greetings, Time Travellers

As we progress through the timeline, sometimes, we reach some oddities on the road. Currently, some recipes require materials not found in Azeroth, and as such, they can’t be brought to fruition. But fear not! Chromie’s got a new friend to help you out.

Meet Roboto, the Trusted Dealer

This friendly NPC will appear today on the west side of Gadgetzan, and will offer you a fair trade: one material for another. Your materials will arrive by mail.

The exchange options are as follows:

-One Nexus Crystal for a Small Prismatic Shard
-One Large Brilliant Shard for a Lesser Planar Essence
-One Guardian Stone for a Primal Earth
-One Black Lotus for a Fel Lotus
-One Ichor of Undeath for a Mote of Shadow
-One Elemental Air for a Mote of Air
-One Larva Acid for a Primal Life

However, you must keep something in mind! These exchanges are temporary. Any new materials NOT used before we venture into the Outlands will be transformed back into its original form!

Plan accordingly, use your resources, and enjoy!


Last minute heads-up for the MC-release:

  • Aqual Quintessences CD is getting lowered to 30 min. That way only a few players per raid will be required to have the prerequesite-quests to be able to summon Majordomo.

  • Sayge‘s buffs from the Darkmoon Faire are automatically dispelled upon entering any raid. This is not a change that we introduced. It is the blizzlike 3.3.5 setting and applies from MC onwards.

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