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Dear Time Travelers,

ChromieCraft has always had a goal in mind, to run and fix all content possible and to perfect AzerothCore as much as possible, having an open-source and forever free quality core for the community to use for decades to come. Our unique progression system & leveling brackets has been set up in such a way that has many players as possible play through everything Wrath of the Lich King has to offer, reporting bugs along that way that our dev community fixes.

This comes at a cost however in that the current ‘end game’ can stagnate at times as the team can only work so fast releasing new content. The need to rewrite pretty much all the current content we are going through in Outlands from scratch takes time. That means that the journey to the current level cap (70 as of the time of writing this) can be a challenge with a good chunk of players either waiting for new content release at 70 and most players are already in Outlands. That also means any regressions which might have occured to previous fixes in Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms might go unnoticed.

So with this in mind, we are pleased to announce 3 brand new leveling modes coming to ChromieCraft on 13th April 2023.

Hardcore Challenge – Popularised by private servers and now taking the Classic scene by storm, the rules of this mode is simple. There are no second chances in this mode*!

Ironman Challenge –  Limited to only Common & Poor equipment and without the ability to select or use talents, only those who truly know their class will make it all the way!

Bloodthirsty Challenge – The only way you are progressing with levels is by killing mobs. No quests, no exploration XP, no BG XP, etc. Fight your way to glory!

Each mode offers its own unique set of challenges and rewards. These rewards will only ever be available via the challenge modes! What’s more, you can combine modes or do them all at once to get even more rewards than doing them solo. All rewards will be bind to account, meaning the rewards can be enjoyed by other characters on your account.

The limitations are published in the images above and one can only ever party up with those doing the exact same challenges (for example, somebody doing a Bloodthirsty + Ironman challenge run can only party up with those doing that combination also). Changes have also been made to the way those on challenge modes level / gain XP and there is no XP benefit from the Recruit-A-Friend system. All challenges currently run up to level 70, if you make it to that level the challenge will be completed, meaning you are no longer bound to the rules of the challenge you set up to and will no longer have your character deleted should you die in Hardcore. There are unique features and some perks available out there for players to discover when using the challenge modes, from pets to unobtainable mogs (both T3 armour & weapons) and mounts. Use the .chall reward command in game to find out more!

When accepting a challenge, you will be added into our Hall of Fame, which can be used to track your rank amongst the other players that use the same ruleset. You can find the Hall of Fame in Orgrimmar & Stormwind.

How does one sign up to these challenges?

First and foremost, we must stress that these modes are completely optional. Should you not want to participate in any of these modes, you can continue playing as you have already been on ChromieCraft.

Two downloadable files are needed, the AIO add-on by Rochet2 as well as a new .mpq file.  Please follow the instructions on this page in how to install both –

Challenge modes can only be started by a level one character on zero XP with starting gear only. Anything added to them in terms of gear, gold, equipment etc. will mean they are illegiable to sign up. Within each starting zone are a flag depending on faction.

Clicking on the banner will bring up the Challenge menu where you can select and confirm what challenge you wish to participate in!


  • I have changed my mind and no longer want to participate in a challenge mode, can I back down?
    Negative, Time-Traveler. Once you have started a challenge, you either fail or succeed. There is no backing down.
  • *I lost my hardcore character due to selecting the wrong quest (don’t drink the Videre elixir) / went into a BG by accident / my dog turned off my PC and my player didn’t log off immediately and died, can you revive it?
    No can do sorry, once a hardcore character is dead it has gone for good. We will however revive a hardcore player in the following scenarios:
    – Force flagged by a PvP flagged player and killed (video proof is a requirement to be reviewed here).
    – Died after a server technical issue (crash). We will not revive those who ignore the 30 minute warnings we give before a restart and continue to play!
    Please use the support-ticket system on our Discord server to be reviewed by the GM team.
  • Why have you spent time / effort on such a thing and not move current content faster?
    As with our Armory, Legacy Players & Transmog system, no progression-related development time was taken up and the vast majority of this was done by Roboto in his spare time.
  • I do not want to install any extra patches or stuff, can I participate in these challenge modes?
    Unfortunately not, these modes were never supported by the 3.3.5a client ChromieCraft runs on and are required to run the challenge modes. Should you not want to participate in these challenges, you can continue playing as normal as you have always done.
  • I have found a bug in relation to the Challenge mode system, how do I report these?
    Please do not use the ChromieCraft bug tracker for challenge related issues, report these on Discord using the ‘Other’ catergory and it will be picked up by the team. Please continue to report every other bug into the bug tracker hyperlinked earlier! 

We trust these new modes will be well received and again a massive thank you goes out to Roboto for making this dream of ours a reality, as well as thanking everyone playing on ChromieCraft!

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