Battleground Resilience Buffs

Dear Time Travelers,

We will introduce global Battleground Resilience buffs later today. We’ve heard a large amount of feedback from our PvP-community regarding battlegrounds and thought about how to improve the experience. Here is how:

From a point later today on, every player inside Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, or Alterac Valley will receive a permanent buff of 200 resilience for the duration of the battleground.

Here is why: Matter of factly, the combination of Vanilla Gear and Wrath talents/glyphs/spells was never balanced in Retail. For that reason, we face very high damage compared to Vanilla, without significantly increased survivability. This implementation of battleground resilience buffs is a TEST of an attempt to increase the overall playability of battlegrounds.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and we’re looking forward to your feedback about it.


Update September 15th: New TEST! Global Resilience in BGs is gone. Now it’s a flat damage reduction of 20% instead. Crit is back!

Update September 17th: The damage reduction test does correctly apply to pets now and was expanded to arenas: Ring of Valor, Ruins of Lordaeron, Ring of Trials, Blade’s Edge Arena, Dalaran Arena

Update September 26th: We will leave the current buff in place until October 2nd. When the new bracket releases, PvP will start without any initial adjustments.

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